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Genre: Science Fiction/ Mystery

Publishing Date
The author insists to add more chapters

What stalls this book?


(1) The author adds new chapters. 

(2) The author is overly protective of the manuscript and keeps fixing it. No one else should see it before it is perfect.

(3) The author is hesitant about publishing it.

Other Times:

The initial format was a book filled with amazing short stories, however, people opposed a short storybook collection and asked to make it one whole book.
The author writes for people and re-wrote the whole book from top to bottom as one continuous book as much as possible.

The readers wanted to get to the core of the book quickly and asked to delete chapters that served for the story later. The author who writes for the people deleted the chapters. Then a great shock overwhelmed the author, as the deleted chapters ruined the whole book. Thus, it took time to remedy the situation, while keeping the previous chapters deleted.

Chapters with alien perspectives were too odd because various concepts do not happen on Earth. The readers have suggested deleting these fantasy chapters, but these chapters are vital for the first book and eventually serve as the basis for the second book that would follow. Because the author writes for the people, their great efforts smoothed out these specific chapters as much as possible.

What was deleted thus far? 

(1) Bob from a different dimension watched his house burn.

(2) The battle of the Bobs, where there was another same-looking Bob in the future.

(3) How Simon survived his childhood from his own perspective.

(4) Tom’s inner conflict drove him into the action of saving his friend. This part was deleted, but the author seamlessly condensed it.

(5) Children’s behaviours toward their peer, Tom, whom they have suspected the worse. This chapter was condensed into a few sentences.

(6) Perspective of a different dimension where Bob never visited his neighbour but was affected by the pending danger.

(7) What alien had communicated to others and later translated via superior technology.

(8) Human King who lived in alien lands and called himself Solomon and he was from a dimension where Kings and Queens were thugs who implemented unruly powers, looted and imposed themselves in every way.

This particular king talked to invisible things that never existed. He used to pluck his eyebrows and plucked his wives’ eyebrows because he had his personal issues. His ruling was awful and he had appointees that made him look good. This character was transformed into another character – which gave a better humph to the story.

(9) Natalia travels to the past in order to save the world. She failed to do so but met up with her old friend who agreed to help her.

(10) Alien perspectives were heavily re-written. The author wrote up their concepts and own words and how their world operated. The readers disliked it and insisted to delete these chapters immediately. The author reworked these chapters.

(11) Natalia saw a bunch of men in one room and realized that all good men were trapped in that other place where she was. People did not like the fact that Natalia was single and was looking for a man, because she dreamt to be married and having a family. She is 40 years old in the story. This portion was re-written to satisfy the readers.

(12) Bob’s reference to make-up and women was deleted because readers did not like that Bob would assume that his wife would fix her makeup. Now if Bob waits for 30 minutes every time for his wife to fix her makeup, he would automatically think so. This part was deleted to satisfy the readers.

(13) Some characters have distinct accents and people asked to avoid it and just say what country/city the accent is from.

The author does not know the origin of the characters as the story happens in a different dimension. The characters demanded the accent and the author will leave it as is.

(14) Natalia’s inner conflicts/reactions and realizations were deleted as per the readers’ demands.

(15) How aliens captured humans for food – this part was condensed for the reader’s demands. 

(16) How Natalia’s helper ruined Natalia’s life twice.

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