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Hello! I've finished reading your manuscript. You have such a compelling voice in your story; I found myself unable to stop reading and I was so bummed when I reached the end. Very engaging story! Thank you!😊

Sarah Reader

Thank you so much for allowing me to read your story! It was a fascinating read!

K. Reader

This story was very enjoyable to read. The idea itself is very unique and different, which will definitely make it stand out. I very much liked that it was told from different perspectives.

A. Reader

I like the hardships your character faces while interacting with people from a different time, it makes your world feel real, the fact that the mundane things are still a struggle.

Cassidy Reader

When I began reading, I was struck by the resemblance to many stories I’ve read by H.G. Wells and even Lovecraft. They all have that sort of matter-of-fact nature about them and yet hang on strange and fantastic events. The first person point of view helped in fostering empathy for the characters and their motivations as the reader could be very close to their personal thoughts. I liked how everything consisted of snippets of evidence for the reader to fit together like puzzle pieces.

J. B. Reader

I think I enjoyed the alien side of things the most, it seems like there's this huge conflict going on and one of their warriors keeps finding his brothers in arms' dying suddenly, and trying to find out what happened to them, which can be a compelling story that I honestly wanted to follow more than the human, or at least see where the two storylines converge.

Mike Reader

Very enjoyable read!

D. Reader

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