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The Rift Valley World

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The Rift Valley World

Please visit this page upon book publication to view the author’s idea of The Rift Valley World.

The author is currently working on depicting the strange, never before seen worlds. There, where strange beings live and jazz it up with otherworldly celebrations and wars. Only humans were so ignorant as to say: “There were never wars in space.” They say: “the universe belongs to them.” Other beings think the same, and thus, the war begins!

The unknown meets chaos and spills ever so throughout the vicinity of these worlds. 

All the characters have suffered the author’s modifications to align with the plot, which is still in the works. The multiplicity of universes has thawed, and the tale of many Bob personalities thwarted the simplicity of this complexity.

The author intends to avoid describing characters’ ethnicities, for they are not from Earth but remain bipedal humanoids, even though they call themselves human. Any reader can get hints here and there that they are different. The prominent aliens maintain a description as they deviate far from the norm. The author is enthusiastic about depicting a vivid description of these creatures for a shocker effect for all curious readers.

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