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The Town behind the Rift Valley

A young man ends up in the past via a chaotic event, where he tries to get back to his time. He realizes that it’s not safe in the future (his time) and the past (where he currently stays). The only way to get back home is to resolve an old problem that others, mighty aliens, have failed to do. Would he succeed? Would the people from the past capture him and make it impossible for him to save the world? Would the aliens from The Rift attack him? No one knows… Even the author questions what would happen next. 

What are the updates?

What is the publishing date? When and where would I be able to purchase this book?

What do the readers say?

Beta readers read it and beta readers said it. What people have said about The Town behind the Rift Valley.

The Rift Valley World

The author wrote the story… See the author’s interpretation of this non-existent world. 

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